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The Burning [Feb. 22nd, 2005|06:32 pm]
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Author: R.L. Stine
Copyright: 1993
Pages: 179
Summary: The Burning is the third and final book in the trilogy. It tells the story of Simon Fear's life of how we wanted to be a rich, prosperous man, and the lengths that he would go to make that possible. He marries wealthy, by marring Angelica Pierce. Once they wed, they moved back to Massachusettes from Louisiana. Once back in Massachusetts, they settle in a village called Shadyside. It is there, that they raise their family. Five children in all. But good times don't last long, both Fear daughters are killed and the house and the family lay in ruins. That is until, Daniel Fear happens to come to visit his grandparents. It is then that he meets Nora Goode and weds her, trying to end the curse on the two families. Sadly, everyone parishes in a massive house fire, except for Nora. She gets sent away to a mental institute for the rest of her days.

Part I

New Orleans, Louisianna --1845

Simon Fear
*21 years old

Henry Price
**Daughter: Angelica

Angelica Pierce
*18 years old
***Practiced the Dark Arts

Liza Dupree
*Angelica's cousin

James Daumier
*Wanted to marry Angelica
**Wealthy and very handsome
***Fell off a balcony to his death

Hamilton Scott
*Wanted to marry Angelica
**Very wealthy and smart
***Killed by the wheel of a boat

Part II

Shadyside Village -- 1865

Simon Fear
*41 years old

Angelica Fear
*38 years old

Julia Fear
*17 years old
***Hannah killed her by burying her alive

Hannah Fear
*16 years old
**Stabbed by Simon because he thought it was Lucy Goode

Robert Fear
*14 years old

Brandon Fear
*11 years old

Joseph Fear
*5 years old

Mayor Bradford
*Mayor of Shadyside

Harlan Claybourne
**Simon wanted him to fund his library

Mrs. Mackenzie
*Fear's housekeeper

Lucy Goode
*New maid in the Fear house

Part III

Shadyside Village -- 1900

Daniel Fear
*Joseph's son
**18 years old
***Falls in love with Nora Goode

*Cab driver

Simon Fear
*75 years old

Nora Goode
*Fell in love with Daniel
**Is the narrator of the saga