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The Secret [Feb. 22nd, 2005|01:12 am]
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Author: R.L. Stine
Copyright: 1993
Pages: 147
Summary: This is the second book of three. It starts out 12 years after the first book and it is telling the story of Ezra Fier's need for revenge. Tragedy after tragedy hits the Fier family again. Ezra's daughter Abigail is killed by the ghost of Hester Goode. Jane Fier drowns in the family well. Finally, Ezra Fier gets trampled by a horse. Jonathan then vows to put away the necklace and end the feud forever, which works for 100 years, until Elizabeth Fier finds it buried in an old box in the back yard. It is only after that, that a stranger appears and he ends up being Franklin Goode. He murders Samuel, Katherine, and Kate Fier and is finally stopped from a poison dagger by Simon. Which leads to the third and final book...The Burning

Part I

Wickham Village -- Massachusettes Colony - 1737

Jonathan Fier
*Father: Ezra; Mother: Jane
**12 years old

Ezra Fier
*33 years old
**Still obsessed with revenge over the Goode's

George Goode
*Son of William

Jane Fier
*Ezra's wife
**Mother to: Jonathan, Rachel, and Abagail

Abigail Fier
*8 years old
**Father: Ezra; Mother: Jane
***Was killed by the ghost of Hester Goode

Rachel Fier
*3 years old
**Father: Ezra; Mother: Jane

Master Martin

Hester Goode
*Abigail's playmate
**Really a ghost
***Kills Abigail

Part II

Western Massachusetts --1743

Jonathan Fier
*18 years old
**Is in love with Delilah Wilson

Rachel Fier
*9 years old

Ezra Fier
*39 years old
**Trampled by a horse after stopping Jonathan's wedding

Delilah Wilson
*Poor neighbor to the Fier's
**Falls in love with Jonathan Fier
***Lies and says she's a Goode
****Is shot to death in the church

Reverend Wilson
*Delilah's father

Jane Fier
*Drowned in the well

Part III

Western Massachusettes -- 1843

Elizabeth Fier
*16 years old
**Found the box containing the necklace and in turn unleashed the evil again
***Father: Samuel; Mother: Katherine

Simon Fier
*18 years old
**Father: Samuel; Mother: Katherine

Sameul Fier
*Married to Katherine
**Father to: Elizabth, Simon, and Kate
***Was axed to death by Franklin Goode

Kate Fier
*17 years old
**Was in love with Franklin
***Was murdered when Franklin stabbed a knitting needle into her heart

Katherine Fier
*Married to Samuel
**Mother toL Kate, Elizabeth, and Simon
***Was axed to death by William Goode

Franklin Goode
*Last of the Goode's
**Appeared as a poor drifter
***Murdered Kate, Katherine, and Samuel
****Was killed by Simon Fier with a poison tipped dagger

Old Aggie
*Old with that lived in the woods
**Gave Simon the poison tipped dagger