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The Betrayal [Feb. 21st, 2005|02:31 am]
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Author: R.L. Stine
Copyright: 1993
Pages: 161
Summary: The Betrayal is the first book in a three part serious dealing with how the Fier family came across its share of misfortunes. It all starts out when Susannah Goode wants to marry Edward Fier. Edwards family doesn't want him to marry suck a poor girl, so his father Benjamin who is the magistrate, decides to have Suzannah and her mother burn at the stakes for being witches, which they weren't.
Afterwards, William Goode becomes obsessed with revenge and puts a curse on the Fier family. He vows to get his revenge on them one way or another. In fact, William is the one who practices the Dark Arts. William then goes on and murders Edwards wife and father.

Villiage of Shadyside -- 1900

Nora Goode
*Lover of Daniel Fear

Daniel Fear
*Lover of Nora Goode

Part I

Wickham Village - Massachusettes Colony -- 1692

Susannah Goode
*16 years old
**In love with Edward Fier
***Burned at the stake

Martha Goode
*Suannah's mother
**Married to William Goode

George Goode
*Susannah's baby brother

Abigail Hopping
*Was accused of serving "The Evil One"
**Was burned at the stake

Benjamin Fier
*Village magistrate
**Very wealthy and pious

Matthew Fier
*Benjamin's brother
**Very prosperous with his farm

Edward Fier
*Benjamin's son
**Was in love with Susannah

Mr. Franklin

Arthur Kent
*Blacksmith's apprentice

Faith Warburton
*Accused of being a witch
**Burned at the stake

William Goode
*Susannah's father
**Was involved with the "Evil One"
***Vows to get his revenge on the Fier's

Anne Ward
*Very wealthy
**Was supposed to marry Edward Fier

August Ward
*Anne's father
**Wealthy tea importer

Margaret Fier
*Edwards deceased mother

Mary Halsey
*Neighbor to the Goodes
**Married to John

John Halsey

Giles Roberts
*Deputy magistrate

Part II

Western Pennsylvania Frontier -- 1710

Constance Fier
*Matthew's wife
**Mary's mother

Mary Fier
*17 years old
**Father Matthew; Mother Constance
***Fell in love with "Jeremy Thorne"

Rebecca Fier
*Married to Edward
**Was killed by William Goode

Ezra Goode
*6 years old
**Father Edward; Mother Rebecca

Jeremy Thorne aka Jeremy Goode aka William Goode
*Made himself appear to be young
**Had Mary fall in love with him

Benjamin Fier
*Killed by William Gode

Part III

Western Pennsylvania Wilderness -- 1725

Ezra Fier
*21 years old
**Vows revenge on the Goode's

Edward Fier
*Died of exhaustion at a young age

</s>Mary Fier</s>
*Went mad and drowned herself

Matthew Fier
*Went mad
**Walled himself and his wife into a study

Constance Fier
*Murdered by her husband so she'd be safe in the walled in room with him